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Anyone into video games? If so, any good recommendations. I have an Xbox One I haven’t played in forever! Anyone got a gamertag?

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  1. I’ve been playing the elder scrolls online on my PS4 lol. But there’s far cry, borderlands 3, COD, I’ve heard red dead redemption 2 is good but idk


  2. Jesus where to start? I’m partial to role playing games myself. The Mass Effect trilogy and the Dragon Age games are both really great and reward investment. Likewise Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great game that lets you express a lot on complex issues. For more intense narrative, FarCry 3 is basically the game equivalent of Heart of Darkness (also in that category is SpecOps: the Line.) Bioshock Infinite is likewise a great story in an interesting setting that’s fun to play. For that odd multiplayer game that I actually like, For Honor. For those among us that fantasize about being a badass warrior with sword, spear, ax or what have you.

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      1. Ehhh not as much. As I said, I’m not usually one for multiplayer games, For Honor is the exception that proves the rule. As unlike Battlefield or Call of Duty, I don’t die from three shots for sticking my head out. Running headlong into the fray in For Honor is actually a viable tactic and killing another player comes down to skill oriented dueling. Blade to blade, parry and riposte. Rather than getting my head taken off from half the map away. (Although that also happens occasionally in For Honor with the mounted ballistae in some maps.)

        I do appreciate the last two Battlefield games for their actual attention to historical detail. Putting us in the boots of men who fought (or could have fought) in both World Wars. That’s the thing though, I appreciate the two major military shooters Battlefield and CoD for their single player campaigns, not for their multiplayer modes. Which puts me in a stark minority to both followings.

        I’m not everyone obviously. If you are asking for me for recommendations though, I always say you can’t beat a good single player experience that makes you feel like you’re taking part in a grand narrative.

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  3. A little late to the party but I’ll list a few in case you run out. I’m way into singleplayer RPG’s so that’ll be the meat of my recommendations. Witcher 3 (I didn’t get to play the first two), Bioshocks, Pillars of Eternity 1&2 are fantastic (2 is soon to be released on console and 1 may have already gotten a console release?), DayZ (A bit divisive but I really enjoy it when I get on a server with almost no one else and it’s more PVE than constantly dying from better players), Borderlands are really good, Spintires Mudrunner.
    Hope these still help!

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