Royal Wedding?

Wait…there’s a royal wedding going on? Huh? I guess I live in a bubble because I had no idea until about 15 minutes ago. I heard the sermon was good! Amen to that! Why is it not in Westminster Abbey?

Also, where am I in the line of succession? I think at least top 50! Haha!

Santa Fe Shooting: Gun Control?

Is it time to have a gun control conversation in light of the most recent school shooting? Some say yes, some say no, it’s not time for politics. What do y’all think? How can we come together and honestly and sincerely combat violence in our communities?

Let me know what y’all think in the comments.

As for me, I will search for real solutions and, as always, continue to pray.



Prayers For Texas Shooting

Thoughts and prayers for the shooting that occurred at a Santa Fe High School. The school is located in Santa Fe, Texas halfway in between Houston and Galveston. It’s sad to see something happen so close to my home city that, I still believe, is filled with wonderful people. It’s so sad to hear what happened.

“Pray for me and I for thee, until we meet merrily in heaven.”

Laurel vs. Yanny

Apparently there is this thing going viral on the Internet about the words Laurel and Yanny. A voice says a name and the listener has to decide if he is saying Laurel or Yanny. Easy, right? Well, normal, reasonable people like me hear Laurel, but I’ll talk to my New Zealand friend and I’m sure she’ll say something crazy like she hears Yanny!! Haha anyway I think this is another one of those blue and black or white and gold dress things. For the record, the dress was blue and black!!!

Check out my video below for the explanation!

It’s Getting Pretty Serious with an NFL Cheerleader

So maybe not so serious, but she did mention me in a tweet on Twitter! Not sure why but I definitely counting this as one of my achievements in life! Oh and she’s gorgeous!



Look at me! Right there as her first mention!

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