Quote of the Day #28

“May your glass be ever full, may a roof be always over your head,

And may we all get to Heaven half an hour before the Devil knows we’re dead.”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Let’s See Where The Plane Takes Me

I probably shouldn’t get y’all’s hopes up. Sadly, I’m not going anywhere exciting, but I’ll still keep y’all updated on my trip!

But speaking of traveling, do y’all have any recommendations about where to travel to?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks in advance!

Quote of the Day #27

“My mother and father used to call me Angelino when I was little. I’ve been called many names since then: Father Angelo, Chaplain Roncalli, Monsignor Roncalli, and Archbishop Roncalli. Titles are like a cold, I seem to catch one every few years!”

-Pope John XXIII

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