Election Day!

It’s midterm Election Day in America! Anyone eager for this to be over?! *raises hand*

So! Any predictions anyone? I’m not opposed to a lively political debate in the comment section but please be respectful!

Happy Halloween!

Hope y’all have a good holiday! What’s everyone dressed up as? Bonus points if it’s something Star Wars related! Oh and how many trick or treaters did y’all get? I didn’t get a single one! 😦 I bought candy and everything!


In the United States it’s midterm election time! Any thoughts y’all?! I’m just ready for it to be over so people will stop posting on my social media about it non-stop

Virtual Reality!

So does anyone have a virtual reality headset like Oculus Go? If so, is it cool?

It looks super cool so I’m considering buying one 😀

So…I Have a Zoo

So…. you know how I got that one little robo hamster? Well now I have 4 pets running around my apartment. A cockatiel, a bunny rabbit, a hamster, and a guinea pig. Pictures to come! They really are pretty cute and they all get along really well! (Except for the bird, she hates everyone, including me lol).

Anyone have any thoughts on any of those animals? Cool tricks? I’ve seen some adorable videos of birds playing peek-a-boo and bunny rabbits learning how to fetch, so maybe I’ll try to teach them tricks!

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