Question of the Day #1

So I keep coming across the same phrase: “Jesus was tolerant and inclusive.”

What do y’all think about that?

Didn’t Jesus say the way that leads to destruction is wide and the way that leads to life is narrow? But also Jesus preached the Golden Rule. Any thoughts y’all? I’m genuinely curious

Quote of the Day #148

A monastery in Belgium, that has been burned down three times in its 800 year history, has a Phoenix as its symbol and an accompanying quote in Latin:

“ardet nec consumitur” – “burned but not destroyed.”

Quote of the Day #107

A Roman Catholic Archbishop commenting on balancing your responsibilities:

“If you’re score is above 100, you’re neglecting your golf game. If you’re score is below 90, you’re neglecting your parish.”

Quote of the Day #98

When speaking about his time as a bishop in Istanbul during World War II:

“Spies follow me wherever I go; the English, the French, the Germans, even a few Americans. All spies look alike; yes, I see them all. That they follow me shows you what little they know of their own business.”

-Pope John XXIII

Quote of the Day #89

“People today have lost their way. That’s not surprising though, people always lose their way. What’s different is that today people have lost their address.”

Day Off of Blogging!

Christ is Risen! Happy Easter to all my fellow bloggers! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you and your family! Feel free to share posts, pictures, and other fun Easter moments! See y’all tomorrow!

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