Quote of the Day #107

A Roman Catholic Archbishop commenting on balancing your responsibilities:

“If you’re score is above 100, you’re neglecting your golf game. If you’re score is below 90, you’re neglecting your parish.”

The Weekend

The Weekend! Like the rapper The Weeknd! For whatever reason he leaves out the third E. Anyway! Any fun plans for y’all weekends? I need to study but I also want to do something fun!

Lawyers Are Really Good Volleyball Players

I never imagined I would play so much volleyball until I entered law school. For some reason, myself and my fellow students are obsessed with a pickup game of volleyball. We play. All the time. Is there something about the study of law that makes people want to hit a ball over a net? I don’t know. But I’d be willing to bet if you put together a volleyball team made up exclusively of practicing attorneys, the United States could field a decent international team. When I graduate in three years, I’ll let you know if I get recruited!

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