Renaissance Fair Costume (Update #4)

I sewed the whole thing together! Gosh did that take a while! Now time to put a few buttons on. I found a picture from my favorite TV show and I’m trying to do something like that. Then I went to the store and found the perfect buttons! So here’s my current progress! Almost done 🙂 Tell me what y’all think!

Renaissance Cardinal's Mozzetta
Renaissance Cardinal’s Mozzetta
Renaissance cardinal's mozzetta
Renaissance cardinal’s mozzetta

What Do Girls Look For in a Guy?


I’ve been told girls really don’t care about looks, money, personality, or humor when they look for a guy. A wise man once told me that girls look almost exclusively at whether or not the guy is wearing stupid shoes! So, ladies, tell me what you think!?


Disclaimer: I’m totally kidding, but really, how are my kicks!??

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