The Fur Shop

Hanging out at The Fur Shop! It’s one of the oldest buildings in Tulsa. It was built in 1889. If you’re ever in Tulsa make sure to stop by!

Fur Shop in Tulsa
Fur Shop in Tulsa


Sorry y’all! Been super busy! I’ll have a quote of the day (hopefully) tomorrow!

Have a great night y’all!

New Harry Potter Game!

The new Harry Potter game is pretty awesome! So, I usually don’t ever pay for anything extra in those pay-to-play mobile games….but I’ve already shelled out $15.99 to keep playing! I always knew my love for Harry Potter would be my downfall!


Thinking about making a Texaslawstudent snapchat. Would any of y’all follow me or would I just be snapping to the vastness of no one haha?

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