Test Post

This post is a test. Do not be alarmed, this is only a drill. (I’m really do a test post but I thought I’d make it funny too haha)

Let’s See Where The Plane Takes Me

I probably shouldn’t get y’all’s hopes up. Sadly, I’m not going anywhere exciting, but I’ll still keep y’all updated on my trip!

But speaking of traveling, do y’all have any recommendations about where to travel to?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks in advance!

Best Job? Worst Job?

Random question: What’s the best job you’ve had? Whats the worst job you’ve had? Did you learn anything from these work experiences?

Thanks in advance!

We Ball Hard in Law School

I played a few pick up games of basketball today and wow was it a lot of fun! Law students vs. undergraduates and we kicked some butt! But I did learn one thing…I really need to get back into shape! Maybe I’ll start doing some workout videos and posts!


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