Netflix Shows

So recently I’ve been watching every Netflix crime show or documentary I can find! Here’s a list of my top 3 favorites but I could include so many more:


  1. Team Foxcatcher – really good documentary about a billionaire who killed an Olympic gold medalist in wresting. It’s an interesting and sad story about a man who just wanted friends but had no social skills and did a horrible thing.
  2. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile –  I never knew Zac Efron had this much acting skills but he played Ted Bundy great! Really crazy story about something that happened just before my time but I always heard references to ‘Ted Bundy’ and now I know why he became such a household name. Horrible guy and horrible crimes but an interesting story about how the country was captivated by the story.
  3. The People vs. O.J. Simpson – What a great one! Maybe this should be my first favorite but this is about THE trial of the century. It has all the makings of a good story: fame, fortune, a beloved athlete that fell from grace, and the behind closed doors scandals and affairs. It was a great TV series that had wonderful actors that really gave a good insight into how the attorneys handled the ins and outs and ups and downs of a trial that lasted over a year.


What have been y’all’s favorite shows on Netflix (crime related or not)? Did y’all get really hooked on something and you just haven’t been able to put it down?

Let me know in the comments!

Favorite Song? Favorite Genre of Music?

Random question on my first day back to my blog? What’s y’alls favorite song? Favorite genre of music? I like country and I think my favorite song right now is “E” by Matt Mason.

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I’m Back!

So I’ve been away for awhile, but I’m back! How is everyone! I demand every one of my followers comment on this and update me on their life! Anyhoo! I’ll have a longer post sometime today or tomorrow, but….IM GRADUATING IN DECEMBER! Wooooo! I can’t believe it! Get ready! I’m about to be a lawyer!

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