Fellow bloggers, I’m on Instagram now! Details to come shortly 🙂

Comment your username in the comments below and I’ll follow you as soon as I’m up and running!


Thinking about making a Texaslawstudent snapchat. Would any of y’all follow me or would I just be snapping to the vastness of no one haha?


Who knows something about Tumblr? Anyone? I have no idea how Tumblr works so I’m trying to see if I should make an account!

Thanks in advance, y’all!

Do My Pictures Look Weird?

Got a question for y’all! Do my pictures look weird? On my end they look kinda gray-ish. Anyone else notice that my most recent picture doesn’t show much color?

I got a new computer recently and I’m wondering if it’s just my new computer or if everyone thinks the pictures I’ve posted look odd.

Thanks in advance!

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