Airports, man. Am I right? They’re a gathering of a bunch of people who usually wouldn’t hang out. And we’re all here. And we’re all miserable 😜

Any fun airport stories y’all?

Friends I’ve Made From Blogging

I’m so happy I set up a WordPress Site. Meeting people from all over the world has been awesome. I love to hear about their lives and things that are different about our countries, but mostly I enjoy hearing about how we’re similar. Here are a few pictures of my best blogging friend all the way from New Zealand.

Buy Me A Coffee? (So I can go to New Zealand and buy her a coffee!)

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Let’s See Where The Plane Takes Me

I probably shouldn’t get y’all’s hopes up. Sadly, I’m not going anywhere exciting, but I’ll still keep y’all updated on my trip!

But speaking of traveling, do y’all have any recommendations about where to travel to?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks in advance!

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